what we do

what we do

OUR MINISTRY is focused on training and equipping the body of Christ for Evangelism and Discipleship; two commands of the great commission that Jesus left us with. 


WHY we are so passionate about Evangelism and Discipleship is simple. Every believer is a soldier in God's army. In an army, soldiers are to follow the last command given by the commanding officer. Jesus is our commanding officer and the last command He gave us was the Great Commission. Yet, most believers today treat the Great Commission as if it were an optional part of Christianity. It's not optional.


HOW we accomplish our vision is through our various ministry projects. Tenth Hour Project is our 9 month discipleship program for young adults. Uganda Kids Project is focused on Evangelism and Discipleship to the people of Uganda. Gottracts.com is our Gospel literature ministry, getting evangelism resources into the hands of the Body of Christ, and ultimately into the hands of the unbelieving world. Evangelism Minute is a radio ministry focused simply on providing the Body of Christ with encouragement and practical advice for daily one-on-one evangelism encounters. We also accomplish our vision by making our ministry available for speaking engagements, training classes, seminars and facilitating outreaches. We partner with churches across the globe to train and equip the Body of Christ in evangelism and outreach. 

SCHOOL OF EVANGELISM:   Presented during a regular church service or scheduled special event, this class is a powerful tool to challenge and equip the body of Christ to share their faith. With an overview of WHY we share our faith and HOW we can share our faith (using a variety of methods and tools). 


LOCAL OUTREACH: We typically plan for outreach after each School of Evangelism presentation. We can plan to spend an afternoon hitting the streets of your town with you for hands on training in one-on-one evangelism encounters or we can go bigger. We often partner with churches, after our School of Evangelism class, for a larger planned event in their community. This can look like a BBQ at a local park, a celebration where we invite the community and provide music, food and anything that will draw a crowd in. These events are the perfect tool to engage your community and reach the lost with the Gospel and love of Christ. We have facilitated several hundred of these events over the years and can help you plan and facilitate your next community outreach event. 


AGENT TRAINING CAMP: Presented during a weekend seminar, this camp is designed for a more in-depth overview of evangelism and includes our School of Evangelism as well as practical hands on training tools and a planned street/community outreach with our team's guidance. This class is great for whole church bodies, youth groups and more. 


GLOBAL OUTREACH: Through our Uganda Kids Project, churches or individuals can partner with us for short term or long term missions in Uganda.