Tenth Hour Project is a ministry of Agents for Christ, a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry established in 2008. Agents for Christ began with two families who felt the Lord calling them to sell everything, buy RV's, and travel full time as missionaries to the US. For three years, AFC presented evangelism training and facilitated countless outreaches at churches across the US. Today, the AFC ministry has grown into an international ministry, with a team of missionaries fulfilling the AFC mission, "Reaching the lost with the Gospel of Christ and teaching other to do the same" through the ministries of: 


Uganda Kids Project

Tenth Hour Project

Evangelism Minute

Got Tracts


When the AFC ministry was still young and traveling the US, it was made clear that, in our post-modern Christian culture, there is a desperate lacking and need for discipleship within the church at large. It was at this time that the vision for Tenth Hour Project was birthed. Although the vision was not seen with perfect clarity at that point, the heart behind the vision was always to disciple and train others to live a life on mission, completely sold out for the Gospel of Christ. Believing that the Lord would one day provide a piece of land for some type of discipleship/mission training center, nine years of prayer for this vision began. 


In the fall of 2017, almost ten years after the birth of Agents for Christ, the Lord began to reveal with greater clarity what His heart was for this new project: a discipleship program for young adults. In February of 2018, the Lord directed the ministry, through a series of miraculous events, to Las Cruces, New Mexico. In a very short time frame, the Lord developed the Tenth Hour Project program and team.

This vision is the Lord's, and our team remains dedicated to fulfilling that vision for the glory of God. With the help and support of the church at large, we believe Tenth Hour Project will succeed to bring countless young adults into a life-changing, and world-transforming, relationship with Jesus Christ.